Repetitions get results

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A no-nonsense 8 step guide

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“There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you don’t otherwise find. And now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom- and that boom is only getting louder.”
— Miranda Katz

Insights from world-class thinkers

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“A commonplace book is a central resource or depository for…

Chatting to Sydney Yin about The Sproutcast and what US college is like

Sydney Yin is currently studying Science, Technology and International Affairs at Georgetown University in the USA. During COVID, she moved back to Australia temporarily, working for a financial institution, a fintech and a VC fund- Folklore Ventures. She currently co-hosts a podcast with her friend Vivian Yu- The Sproutcast- a podcast for young people finding their place in the world and paving a way to an impactful career.

What were your motivations for starting The Sproutcast?

🗣 Our panel

Chatting to Hailey Jung about her experience in tech and startups

Hailey Jung is a final year Computer Science student at UNSW. She is currently working as an Associate Product Manager at Canva. She has been involved in many different projects at Microsoft, Accenture, Samsung, Real Skills Education, UNSW Hero, UNSW Founders, UNSW New Wave and her own start-up Overswap.

Can you tell me about your role at Canva and how you landed it?

Chatting to Apurva Shukla about his startup and tech experience

Apurva recently graduated from a Computer Science degree at UNSW. He is currently working as a software developer intern at Atlassian and will begin as a graduate there next year. Previously, he worked at software consultancy/game studio No Moss Co as well as the no-code automation startup Checkbox. You can connect with him through his LinkedIn.

Can you tell us about your role at Atlassian?

Reflecting on an inspiring night of student pitches

The beginner’s guide to growing your wealth

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We chat to Clinton Chan about his experiences in the startup world

Clinton Chan is a recent Law and International Studies graduate from UNSW and a former General Manager of Textbook Ventures. He has been working as a product manager at Sonder since January 2020. We asked Clint about his journey in the startup world and the key learnings he has had so far.

What sparked your interest in the startup/tech world?

Saurav Risbud

Trying to write down my thoughts | Student at the University of Sydney

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